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Saramall is a company founded in 1986, providing general hospitals, private hospitals and clinics in the city of Tandil. It increased its distribution to the whole geographic area, when market needs arose. Mar del Plata, Balcarce, Azul and Olavarría were the starting points for our expansion. In 1991 it acquired representations from Argentine companies specialized in orthopaedic surgery, providing all mentioned cities. In 1996 Saramall was designated an authorized distributor of DePuy of J&J, and from then on it has been the pioneering company in introducing surgical implants for high complexity surgery in the whole southern part of the province. Foreign commerce began in 1996, promoting the importation of microscopes, magnifying lens, and dissection sets from GST Corporation India. While developing the up and coming foreign commerce section
CALZURO named SARAMALL its Agent for the Republic of Argentina, for the famous CALZURO hard formed shoes for use in surgery of the company BIHOS SRL. Nowadays along with Mr. Gianfranco Bidoia, owner President of BIHOS SRL and its sister company BIDOIA MEDICAL ACCESORIES, SRAMALL has begun a new era with the importation of products of Titanium line, for orthopaedic surgery. This new stage will largely benefit local consumers, since the product supplied will be of excellent manufacture at a very competitive cost.
SARAMALL is aiming for massive supply, fully employing the whole distribution chain to be able to access consumers in a timely fashion, complying with its internal mission: QUALITY SERVICE.

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